Meet Travellers That Have Joined Us Out Here

Our goal is to provide you with the time of your lifememories that will stay with you forever.  The feedback from travellers that have road-tripped with us has been overwhelming – with a sampling below. 

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Lydia – New Zealand

After travelling out on the west coast, joined us in the fall to check out the East – and fell in love with the "Potatoes & Seafood" Island and Whales & Festivities (Tadoussac). Currently back home and planning the next adventure!

"My favourite place that we visited was probably Tadoussac, we had an amazing whale watching experience and trekked some sand dunes and it was just an adorable, relaxing town."


"I can absolutely recommend this trip as it is easy, stress free, a good balance of time with new friends and time alone, unique experiences and accommodations (including a jail!) great value for money..."

Viktoria – Austria

Currently studying University in Austria – came over the summer holidays to join us on an adventure. Focused o on the books and working hard – but of course planning her next adventure. 

This trip is unbelievable and it is each dollar worth it! I booked the “Big One” trip spontaneously, but it was one of the best decisions ever.

You will visit all big cities in Eastern Canada, but also you will be in National parks and totally off the track.

There are also options to go to bars or pubs in the big cities to enjoy the local music, but who needs a pub, when you can have a campfire underneath the starry sky with great company?

I am so thankful for this experience and I am so happy I went on the trip. I made friends for a lifetime and reunions have taken place and there will be more.

It has been a year now since I was on the trip. I have so many great memories. I’m wondering if the bus still has no name? 😉

Triona - Ireland

Decided to take a month away from work and head on over to explore Canada. Fell in love with the east because of the landscapes and history. Planning to be back for Winter 2021.

Where to start... What an epic adventure.. 

From breathtaking views, both coastal and inland, to very unique villages that will imprint life long memories. There is also so much good food and local beer to be enjoyed. The cities were also awesome.

Some great rewarding hikes to beautiful views; Cabot trail and the Bay of Fundy was an amazing spectacle... Lay under the stars at night in Algonquin park and see them as you never have before. Float and swim in beautiful lakes or rivers that never end.

The only sad part is saying goodbye at the end after strangers have become friends and enjoyed an amazing amount of fun. This is a journey of epic adventure... Do it!!

Nick & Lauren - UK

Started their working Holiday visa with the Big One trip. They are currently living in Canada – always exploring and considering a full to this great country! They miss the Baddest Bay wonders and Montreal for the epic nightlife & poutine.

This trip was such a unique an unforgettable experience.


I couldn't recommend it enough. It offers a wonderful mix between wilderness and adventure, city and culture, partying, great food, making friends and socialising, activities and sports, beautiful beaches.

And you may also discover things that you didn't expect to totally love, but you will!"

Tiny Sarah – Scotland

Flew over to explore this part of Canada because of the diversity and variety of super cool natural wonders (along with Celtic heritage). As a photographer and wildlife lover is planning another trip – couldn't pick a favourite spot!

Where do I even start? This trip is completely unique in every way, from the people you meet to the locations you get to see! 

You get an excellent combination of city and outdoors. You get to experience more off the beaten track locations with far less tourists!

...Sea Shack! This is where we got to see plenty Gannets aka Sea Pigeons (in joke with the group) were diving in the masses. This also attracted Minke (Whale) and we could eat dinner while watching the whales and gannets do their thing.

It was such an incredible experience! This is a superb trip and I would highly recommend you to do the big one. It is out of this world good!

Sarah – London

Started her working holiday visa travelling on the Big One before settling in Toronto. Planning on staying here for a long while! Misses Gaspesie – except for the morning hangovers!

The views and scenery were unreal and all unique and also on top of that hostels and people we met really made it for me.


Even if at that amazing place in Gaspezie they spoke French and I had no clue what was happening was amazing and cool. My lowlight was hangovers on the bus – do they count when it’s self-inflicted!"

You won't be doing any cliched rubbish... you'll be going places that most Canadians are still dreaming of getting to!

Thanks to the gang for the experiences, memories and pals made.

Don't even question it - just hurry up and book The Big One"

Jason – France

Came to Canada on a working holiday visa – after a year in Whistler and volunteer dogsledding – spent 6 weeks travelling the country. Loved axe throwing so much, especially with our group in Halifax, that he's opening his own place in Switzerland.

Best way to discover the Canadian east coast !!

I initially wanted to organize my own east coast trip, but when I saw that Out Here do all the recommended places, worry free, not expensive, and allowing you to enjoy the fun of a small group of like-minded people I didn't hesitate to join!
No regrets!

Each accommodation has a specific charm (staying in an old jail, in a hippy sea shack, in the heart of old Quebec) which makes it always exciting to discover.

The cities and landscapes you visit are really diverse and beautiful, a few are earned after long hikes. Many places to swim too. You come across some wildlife (whales, moose).

Highly recommend for any adventure lover!

Thomas - New Zealand

Came to Canada on his first solo adventure – joined us for the fall big one occasionally causing shenanigans. He is back home planning the next adventure on the road.

This trip was nothing short of amazing! It managed to include the must-see tourist spots as well as smaller, niche yet incredible places which I would never have gotten to see without this tour! 

Although this was my first "tour bus" trip as soon as it started I knew it wasn't going to be a boring touristy trip. The accommodation was also real cool – there was a lot of variety and new experiences.

During the day, we'd be on the road to the next activity such as hiking, white water rafting, via feratta (climbing the side of a waterfall), sea kayaking, and we even got to give surfing a go which wasn't an original plan on the trip.


If you are sitting there considering doing this tour, just book it because you won’t regret it. I had one of the best months of my life with 'out here'​.

Julien - Belgium

(shown in the middle of picture above)

Flew directly to join the trip. Most recently met up with others from the trip in Germany - and planning a reunion at a "Marine Marchande" show.

"If you're looking for a great discovery of Canadian East Coast, a perfect mix between outdoor activities and cities, pubcrawling, an unforgettable group adventure, visit of unique not well known places ... don't hesitate for one second more."

Special mention for the great Ottawa river rafting day and the incredible landscape of Cap Breton Highlands (where the mountains meet the ocean)."

Katrina – Australia

Came to Canada and worked at summer camps and beyond. Crushed travelling on both sides – and currently living it up!  Still dreaming of Algonquin and Cape Breton sunsets.

What a whirlwind month it was! The trip was once in a lifetime.


There are so many things I would've missed out on if I attempted to do this trip on my own, including lots of awesome hikes that Jared encouraged me to do and I was so glad that I did.

He showed us little gems that I wouldn't have ever known about; from hidden mines to swim in, to cute little bars in the city with an artist who would play whatever you wanted on request.  A  few highlights would be; sunsets in Algonquin park and Cape Breton, rafting the Ottawa river, and the whale watching in Tadoussac will be an experience I'll never forget.

Shout out to the people on this trip that made it what it was; a month full of adventures, laughs and a bloody good time!

Katrin – Germany

A nomadic traveller at heart. Katrin is traveling and working her way around the world. She joined us for a month of adventure and now raves about how it is more fun and spectacular than the west coast of Canada, Australia and perhaps New Zealand. 

I never thought I'd ever find another place as beautiful as New Zealand, but Jared has convinced me on this trip that Canada is actually at least as beautiful!

The itinerary is quite flexible so there is no pressure to do any of the activities that are planed/ recommended if you don't feel like it (even-though they are totally worth doing).

The destinations on the route are carefully picked and are a good mix of "must-sees" and off the beaten track destinations.

There was a variety of different stuff to do from hikes, to canoeing, kayaking, horse riding and so much more! And for those who are keen, there have also been some opportunities to enjoy the nightlife with relaxed bonfires on beautiful beaches or bars and pubs in the cities.

All in all such a great experience and I am so happy I went on the trip!

Sarrraaaa - Switzerland

Enjoys summers filled with adventure and relaxation. Currently working and studying back in Switzerland. Looking forward to the next reunion with the crew.

Going on a trip with Out Here Travel is ideal for people who don’t want to plan anything in advance, but still want to enjoy all the beautiful spots East Canada has to offer.


I doubt that there is a better way to see as many breathtaking views, do as many hikes, go partying in cities and experience different provinces in such a short time. Stargazing as you’ve never done before in Algonquin Park. Hiking in Mont-Tremblant, staying at a cosy hostel near a lake and spending the day in the national park. Beautiful views on Cape Breton Island as well as incredible beaches in PEI and Gaspésie. My favourites, but the list goes on...

Just get “Out There” - you won’t regret it!

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Overall Trip Rating: 9.6/10

"I absolutely loved the amazing hiking views, the bus experience, the friendships made on the trip. Although, no more poutine! Make sure people know how good the food is at the food truck thing in Gaspesie! So much fun and worth the money! My lowlights hmmmm the trip not being longer."


Jane H.,

"I have travelled with quite a few different tour companies (G Adventures, TrekAmerica so feel (relatively) qualified to say Out Here are a good company to travel with. The whole trip was amazing... I would highly recommend booking a trip with Out Here."



"I absolutely loved whale watching and the beach in Tadoussac, going out in Halifax and seeing the waterfalls as well as the town itself in Quebec City. Oh and white water rafting! I honestly can’t say there were any low points to the trip! "


Joe C.

This trip was the end of a 6 month journey for me. I'd already been to Australia, New Zealand and the west coast of Canada. And, I can honestly say that a lot of my highlights will be from this trip. We had some great times and I met some incredible people!
It's really hard to pin point a few of my highlights because there are so many. 


"Algonquin was possibly the most memorable, authentic sort of way to see the great outdoors of Canada. The sunsets and bonfire parties at seashack, cabot trail, bay of fundy were gorgeous and tons of fun. All of the hostels and cabins provided a different experience, all were clean and comfortable which was great. Loved that you had multiple options for and flexibility, especially. All of them were all great fun."


Lisa S.

"Overall, this was a spectacular adventure with a fantastic balance between activity, experiences, nature, culture, cities, food, tourist sights, random quirky things, partying, relaxing, hiking, music and meeting people. I feel that I have seen more in 26 days than about everyone will ever see of Canada in their lives, I had the time of my life and it's inspired me to do more and see more in the future in Canada."



"Wow, where do I even start… I can genuinely say that the three weeks I spent on my Out Here Tour were some of the funnest weeks of my life thus far! On my last day I was so sad to leave the amazing friends that I had made over my time in Canada - and I desperately wished that I had booked the Big One Tour!"


"The Big One is really well put together and offers a great mix between vibrant cities and far flung destinations like the Algonquin Provincial Park... I highly recommend joining Out Here for a trip along Canada... there is no better way to explore this wonderful country!" 


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