The Gaspesie

Paradise & Parties

Land's end.

The Quebec Maritimes.
Where Mountains meet the Sea.

This location is one of the best kept secrets. And an experience that can’t be missed on a grand tour of Canada.

You have the Appalachian Mountains meeting the Sea with cliffs dominating the coastlines.

Scenic views, coastlines, roadways and wildlife!

Beautiful national parks and a funky hostel to soak it in or party it up.  


It’s a unique style of special unlike anywhere

​There is tons to get up to on the Peninsula. Some faves includes:

  • Take the challenge and hike the Chic Choc mountains

  • Relax into the evening with bands, bonfires and a mighty river just steps from your bed

  • Listen to the local bands or DJ in the renowned Sea Shack Tiki Bar

  • Keep your eyes open for wildlife from moose, bears, gannets and the woodland caribou

  • Take in the scenic views of the Saint Anne & Cascapédia Rivers

  • Recover in the evening at an outdoor urban Nordic spa

Gaspesie National Park.  Arctic alpine plants, mountains and peaks to hike to and more. 800 square kilometers of beauty. 


Sea of glacier-chiselled mountains. Stone fields, high plateaus, ridges, and deep valleys.

Incredible wildlife. Moose, bears, birds and beyond. Home to the last surviving population of woodland caribou south of the St. Lawrence River.


This is the perfect location to take a challenge and hike to the epic views (or recover and take a nap by the sea all day!). 

The Sea Shack. The Auberge Festive. This funky Quebec Maritimes gem is friendly and loads of fun.


During all hours of the evening you can grab a seat on the beautiful beach and listen to the sound of the water, guitars being strummed or voices howling.


The stars shine bright, the moon views are gorgeous. Want to relax – take a nap in a nearby hammock

It is called the Auberge Festive for a reason!

There are epic sunsets, coastal views, beaches all at your doorstepThese are EPIC sunsets.


The atmosphere and relaxing feeling watching them a short walk from your little hut or yurt is indescribable.


Tidal changes to observe, a tiki bar with amazing bands and DJs, bonfires raging into the late evening and sometimes early morning.


Super friendly and awesome staff and you get to sleep in yurts and cool cabins all speckled along.

Wildlife aplenty can be witnessed right from the accommodations – along with the aforementioned National Park. You have Gannets, a local seabird that occasionally dive en masse into the water to feed. 


Whales. YES Whales. Occasionally you’ll hear the honking of a horn – which is to indicate there are whales off-shore (so lookout!)


Moose, Bear, Caribou and more can be seen when out exploring in the national park. Keep your eyes peeled or you might just walk by them without realizing it!

On many trips we spend an evening in quaint Riviere du Loup. A small city with beautiful charm.


It is a great spot to relax and get yourself ready to be in a big city (Montreal) at the next stop.


One of the reasons we do this is the rugged and beautiful Parc du Bic. The coastal hikes are fun and unlike any you have likely been on.


Also on some in the evening the local outdoor spa has some pretty awesome deals for those that want to venture out and recover!

Don’t forget to take in the scenic views of the St. Lawrence, the Sainte Anne and the Cascapédia Rivers as you drive across the peninsula and through the national park. 


Some say this road-way along highway 299 rivals many of those in the best national park and road-way Canada – The Cabot Trail – Cape Breton Highlands.


It has a magical feeling that deserves a special kind of appreciation.