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Joe was born in Toronto, grew up in Windsor Ontario. He has lived and worked all over Canada. He's always feeling ecstatic leading road trips in central & eastern Canada.


Joe is an adventure guide machine! He has led everything from white water kayaking/rafting to climbing to scuba not to mention group road trips. He’s just finished the winter season as ski patrol at Cypress mountain. From 12,000km road trips to 5,000km bike trips, he thrives himself on pushing the limit. Don't worry, joining him on one of those epic post-summer side-trips or limit pushing activities is optional!

This summer he’s stoked for continued adventures and shenanigans on the road. Showing off our gorgeous country and encouraging you to try new things - including sharing with you his ridiculous music catalogue!


Originally from Vancouver, Janelle got her tour guide training wheels off leading trips around western Canada. Now she is rocking it in the east leading adventures to share her undiscovered discoveries and the unknown unknowns.

Dubbed "The Happy Wanderer" at a young age by her grandmother, Janelle is more at home on the road than anywhere else, although she is unable to survive for long without epic landscapes, the ocean or mighty rivers in close proximity. 

Travels with Janelle will likely involve a healthy dose of sunsets and spontaneous side quests punctuated by her most-beloved-phrase, "Follow me, we're going on an adventure!"


Jared claims to be a professional shinny hockey player, a lumberjack and a celebrated moose jockey. The list of his more obscure achievements is long and usually more ridiculous than those. The other trip leaders know what is what, and enjoy calling him out on it!

Originally from Toronto, Jared spent his summers up north taking in the fresh air and enjoying the fresh water. After a long stint in the business world he got back to his roots - focusing on his appreciation for Canada and desire to share it with the world - starting Out Here. He has multiple years guiding a variety of trip styles from wilderness canoe trips to group road trips Out Here. All he cares about is providing you the time of your life.

You will find Jared sharing an experience with you on the road, have his camera out capturing an epic sunset, whales from the shore, moose in the forest or another intrigue. If not that, likely looking for the nearest place to get some poutine. He really has a thing for poutine!


Vivi hails from a small town outside Quebec. Her first language is French, but she is fully bilingual and speaks some mean English. Oh, and she is obsessed with cheese. She has many favourites, but can never get enough of fresh cheese cheese curds along the road.


Most importantly, she is an expert trip leader and knows many backroads and hidden waterfalls well worth checking out. You might even take a few random side trips to check out something new - you'll always be exploring with Vivi.


Beyond our summer season, Vivi also trip leads lots of our winter adventures. If you see a sugar shack, you will stop for pancakes. That's how she rolls.




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