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Factors to drive your approach

There are a number of factors that impact the best approach that you should take to be experience Canada. They include:

  • Your country.

  • What you want to do

    • Travel

    • Work & Travel

    • Study & Travel

  • Length of desired visit

  • Age

Options to Travel & Work in Canada


If you have no intention to work and merely want to explore Canada you might just be in luck. There are many countries that have NO VISA REQUIREMENT. You simply are required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) online then you arrive by plane, train, bus or boat. There is still border agent discretion, but this is standard travel procedure.

Countries that for most individuals do NOT HAVE A VISA REQUIREMENT include:

  • Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea

  • Germany, France, UK / British, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Poland

  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland

  • USA, Mexico

  • Note: Country not listed? There are many more.

If your country requires a visa, it is likely still possible to visit Canada. Please do your own research on your individual situation.


Canada has an International Experience Canada program (IEC) that provides young people with the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. Eligibility depends on your age, country of citizenship, availability and a bunch of other details. Things change frequently, so please do your own research.

Some of the categories include:

  • Working Holiday Visa: This is an open work permit, that provides lots of flexibility. You don't need a job offer before visiting and can change employers, not work and  travel around throughout your stay.

  • Young Professionals & International Co-op Internship: Have a job offer at a suitable employer, then this could work for you. It is worth digging into the details here to figure out when/how you can travel and eligibility.

​Eligible Countries for the programs include:

  • Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan

  • Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland (not WHV), Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland

  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway

  • USA, Mexico, Costa Rica


If you are part of this category, we would like to let you know that your permit is still active for up to 90 days after you complete your studies, and you can apply for a different visa or program at that point.

Additional Tips & Tricks


There are a variety of different options available. Examples of what we have hard follow, but please use your discretion and check official sources about accuracy and viability of these.

Flagpoling. This is an interesting approach.  It is relevant for those who will have working holiday visa.  You initially enter Canada on a tourist visa, on an eTA or as another visitor type, then head to the border afterwards to convert your visa into your WHV or another entry type. Make sure you have all the details sorted, especially insurance requirements. 

Reverse Flagpoling. You essentially do the opposite of flagpoling. Leave Canada at the end of your WHV and re-enter just afterwards as a visitor. We have heard that this is a bit trickier, and you will have a higher burden of proof to convince the border official that you don't plan on working anymore.


  • Make sure that you meet all the requirements and outlines form official Canadian sources.

  • Ensure that you meet financial and insurance requirements. We have heard too many stories of folks that have come to Canada without enough insurance, wanted to stay longer, but were unable to.  Even if your WHV could be valid for two years, if you have less insurance, you get less amount of time on your entry permit/visa... and you cannot change it later.