Bay of Fundy NB |

The Baddest Bay

Welcome to the Maritimes



This is the Baddest Bay in the WORLD.

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of North America.

  • The geography. The landscapes. The views.

  • Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, Fundy Trail and Fundy National Park. Walk on the ocean floor amongst flower pot rocks

  • Highest tides in the worldover 15 meters vertical and 160+ billion tonnes of water every 6 hours.

  • Experience pure starlight without light pollution in a dark sky preserve

  • Kayaking along the coastline along dramatic cliffs

  • Renowned fish & chips, lobster and more seafood and beyond

  • Witness fishing boats that at one point are sitting on the ocean floor and then a short while later floating multiple stories higher.

Hopewell Rocks is the most “known” location in the region. It is a tourist hot-spot for very good reason. It’s a must visit - and if the tide timing is right we might have it just to ourselves.

  • Take in the sight of carved out cliffs and coves distinctive and sandstone formations topped with trees.

  • Walk on the ocean floor at low-tide (and get your shoes a bit muddy).

  • Snap a pic in Lover's Arch and find Dinosaur Rock, Mother-in-law and ET (named for their appearances).

  • Witness Flowerpot rocks 40 - 70 feet tall

  • The interpretive center is fantastic for those interested in geography. From moon cycles, migration patterns of the birds along with Mi'kmaq legends

The Fundy Trail is a great way we will spend an afternoon or morning. We’ll be outside taking in the views, walking along the pathways, and enjoying the beach.

  • Take in the views from the 250 m coastal cliffs - from above and below!

  • You have the longest,  sandiest and rockiest beach all in one! 

  • Walk along an 84m footbridge across Big Salmon River – and learn about the Salmon here.

  • Enjoy road-tripping on a 50 km road-way – it hugs the coast of the Baddest Bay

  • There are 20 lookouts to see the incredible views – with observations decks throughout after short trails

  • One of the last remaining coastal wilderness areas between Florida and Labrador

  • It’s a UNESCO designated site as part of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve and home to the Fundy Footpath hiking path - one of the top 50 hiking trails in the world.

Fundy National Park. The park is huge: 207 kilometres squared, 100 kms of hiking trails.

  • Get a great rest in one of our favourite accommodations, A-frames – in the heart of the Park.

  • Enjoy a bonfire in the evening

  • Stroll out and enjoy the stars without light pollution (moon-light depending of course)

  • Wander through the covered bridge at Pointe Wolfe

  • Enjoy your time on the coast walking and hiking your way through

  • Moose - learn about their sounds and mating calls

Fundy national park is right beside Alma, NB - a quaint town to get supplies and chow down as well! Did we mention the micro-breweries and lobster feasts that are possible?

Cape Enrage has a cove like no other.

  • It is almost like a massive bathtub that fills and empties with water.

  • You have extremely “raging” waters – especially at mid-tide because of a massive reef there

  • Take in the bold and rugged cliffs that are primarily trap rocks – simply soak it in

  • Home to an abundance of ship-wrecks all throughout Chignetico Bay

St. Martins and the Sea Caves. Charming and wonderful. 

  • The cute town of St. Martins  is gorgeous and has an interesting history of wooden ship-building – with restaurants for chowder, fish and chips and more. 

  • The hostel might have the comfiest beds and most welcoming atmosphere you have experienced – it feels more like a Fundy Cottage for the crew.

  • You can also walk to the natural sea caves that are formed by waves crashing into coastal cliffs. That makes them incredibly unique - unlike chemical caves in “karst” landscapes.

  • Of course they are part of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere because of how rad they are and being part of 250 million year old rocks

Kayaking the Baddest Bay - a wonder of the world. Yes please!

  • It's time to get out on the magical water!

  • You might just explore the coast lines and head up to the sea caves if the weather is right.

  • We will have a dedicated post about it soon!