Ottawa | The Capital

The Capital.



The place where Justin Trudeau lives.

Just across the river from Quebec – connecting the French and English regions to some extent together.


Adventure, city exploration and cultural immersion. Sleep in a Jail Cell? We got that also.

  • Explore the city neighbourhoods including one of our favourites – charming Byward Market

  • Check out the Rideau Canal

  • Get knowledged in your choice of the many world-renowned museums - war museum, museum of history, museum of nature, cold war museum

  • Get cultured at the National Art Gallery of Canada - and

  • Head to Parliament Hill, Major’s Hill Park and beyond for great views of the city – and a free tour of Parliament

  • Enjoy an evening on the town – many great pubs and live music venues

  • Sleep in a Jail

  • One of our favourite activities on the trip is Rafting the mighty Ottawa river.

  • We do this normally on the journey from Algonquin to Ottawa

  • Big WaterWarm Water. ​Beautiful scenery. Paddles up!

Politics your thing? Check out free tours of Parliament. Or Rideau Hall and enjoy free tours of Governor General’s house.

We also recommend checking out the 30 minute light-show at Parliament Hill. That is if the weather is right and you are there in the heart of summer (early July to early September).​

Into the Paranormal… you can visit the home of Canada’s craziest Prime Minister who “spoke to his dead mother frequently” at Laurier House.

  • Ottawa is just across the river from Quebec – connecting the French and English regions to some extent together. There is a lot to do here. Adventure, city exploration and cultural immersion. Sleep in a Jail Cell? We got that also.

  • What would checking out a city be like if you didn’t get a funky photo there? After strolling around Byward Market (and getting some great eats), on your way up to Parliament Hill you can take your photo with the funky Ottawa sign - which has recently been changing design styles.

  • Want to get cultured? This is the spot in Canada. Visit some of the 7 National Museums of Canada. 

  • National Art Gallery of Canada – which also features many works by the Group of Seven (an exhibit we wholeheartedly recommend). 

  • Canadian Museum of History which is a great way to learn about… our History. It’s also home to the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles.

  • You also have the Museum of Nature, Museum of War, Science & Technology, Agriculture & Food, Aviation and Space

  • Ottawa is also home to one of Canada’s grand railway hotels - the Chateau Laurier. It also has all the buildings and functions associated with being the Capital of Canada – from Parliament to the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • The city is located on the south bank of the Ottawa river and contains the mouth of the Rideau River – which enables for beautiful views of the many renowned institutions

  • From those views you will also see the incredible Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that connects the Capital to the St Laurent and Lake Ontario (in case of a war with the US… it was built a long time ago!).

  • There is also a growing night-life and restaurant scene that will keep many very entertained and happily full. 

  • Some of our favourite establishments frequently have live music playing – usually with great cover bands that will play many of our favourite bands including none other than the tragically hip!




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