How the Canadian Adventure trips work

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We have kept this information up to help you plan your own trips – ensure that you can have a great experience travelling your way. 

  • A focus on extraordinary local destinations so that you can experience what makes Canada spectacular. All distinct, unique and amazing.

  • Ample time in each place so that you can experience them well – enjoy 2-3 nights in most locations.

  • Small groups – 18 people maximum.

  • Genuine, awesome experiences. We don't sell or waste your time – only recommend what we believe in.

  • By Canadians – designed from the ground up. We have experienced all this and more first hand.

  • Authentic content. Our videos, photos are all from our trips, taken by the Out Here crew or travellers that share them with us. 


  • Canadian style accommodation including lodges and hostels. 

  • Flexibility to do what you enjoy.

  • Access to many of our amazing national and provincial parks.

  • Comfortable travel – a vehicle that you can stand up and stretch out in.

  • Adventure activities – including rafting, zip-lining, rock climbing / via ferrata. We only recommend the great ones (we don't take commissions).

  • Transparent Pricing.  We split it out so that you know what is for what. No surprises.

  • For 18-39 year olds.


What's Included

Budget Backpacker Travel in Canada


  • Transportation throughout your adventure

  • Day trips and lifts to activities, regions and national parks

  • An awesome driver guide aka road warrior

  • Accommodations throughout the trip. Some included breakfasts at them.

  • Local entrance fees to national parks, ferry fees, and other experiences as detailed on our activities page.

  • Booking support for add-on activities

Not Included:


Learn more about how much to budget for the road trip.


The ultimate canadian road trip 

Be one of the few travellers to experience many of these incredible places. 

In addition to some classic highlights, you'll enjoy the beauty of Canada without tourists around throughout much of the journey.


We visit these far-flung tougher to travel locations because they are worth it, they provide a truly local experience and you'll love them.

Our core summer trip is designed as the best Canadian road trip adventure you can take in around a month – we call it the Big One. Each place we explore is selected because it is unique and amazing. 

We understand that not everyone has the time or budget for the entire trip. That's why we've split it into a variety of route options to ensure that you have the opportunity to join us where it makes most sense for you. 


All trips are put together based on the unique experiences they provide, and locations with solid transport connections so you can join with minimal fuss.

Because retaining good group dynamics is key, it is not possible to join our longer road trip route for a short amounts of time. Most people join us for the entire trip, or the majority of it.

Ample time in each place

  • We believe you that should have enough time to experience each place properly. If you rush, you might miss the good stuff. This is why we spend 2-3 nights in just about every region or city. 

  • Canada is big, and the majority of your time shouldn't be moving from place to place, but rather that you should be experiencing it.​​

  • There are certain places along the route where we spend one night, to help with logistics. drive-times, and when there is only a bit to do in a place. This way, you get more time in the better spots.

Genuine Experiences

  • Our priority is providing you with the trip of a lifetime - full stop.

  • We only recommending add-on activities that we believe you will enjoy. We negotiate for lower prices for you rather than a cut for us.​​​

  • We don't sell your time to tourist traps or souvenir shops.

  • We treat you like an adult and allow you to explore accordingly. So long as you behave like one.

  • When you book with Out Here, you are on an Out Here trip. Everyone expects the same experience.

  • We choose locations and accommodations that are awesome, unique and worth visiting.


Spectacular National & Provincial Parks

  • Visit some of our most beautiful national and provincial parks throughout your trip – including those ranked as the best. Visit them on day trips, or right from the doorstep of your accommodation

  • Many of our provincial parks many actually think are National, like Algonquin and many in Quebec which might still be called National, even though they are provincial. Don't worry - we get you to the glorious ones!

  • They include Algonquin, Cape Breton Highlands, Mont Tremblant, Fundy, Saguenay Marine Park, PEI National Park, Gros Morne, Terra Nova, Parc Bic, Gaspésie. Trip dependent of course.



Flexibility in what you get up to

  • Most days, the vehicle will head out to national parks, activity spots and other places to explore. This is because in many locations the best stuff requires a drive.


  • You have some control over what you get up to on the trip, so hop on the bus for activities, or just do your own thing. Most people come along for the journey.

  • For example, when we are in Gaspesie, you can head out with the bus to the national park and go hiking, hang out at the lodge and rent a paddle-board, or you can just relax and read a book in a hammock (or nap).

Ottawa Capital building .png

The Epic Canadian Cities

On your trip you'll have the opportunity to explore our unique and legendary cities – all with different cultures and charm.

  • Quebec City – Old Quebec 

  • Montreal – the Metropolis

  • Halifax – Lobster & Lighthouses

  • Ottawa – The Capital

  • Charlottetown – Potatoes & Seafood

  • Toronto –  Hog-town/6ix (pick-up/drop-off)

You'll have lots of options and flexibility and freedom to do your own thing. Axe throwing? Check. The National Art Gallery of Canada? Beauty. Day trip to the gorgeous Peggy's Cove (or hang out). Sweet. An evening on the town? Definitely.

We haven't even gotten started on the cute towns – such as Saint Martins, Pleasant Bay, Baie St. Paul, Cheticamp or Tadoussac.

Wildlife Viewing While Bus Touring Canada

Built by Canadians

  • Out Here is built, and designed by Canadians. We are 100% committed to showing you the best Canada has to offer.

  • The trips have been created based on our first hand experiences. We have spent years exploring so that you can enjoy what's worthwhile, and skip what isn't.

  • We are constantly enhancing the trip based on the feedback of travellers that join us.

Chalet Cottage and Rustic Cabin Traveling Canada

Canadian style accommodations

  • We stay most frequently in classic city hostels and smaller lodge style hostels.  We also stay in A-frames, Yurts and Cabins for some nights. On some trips we do a few nights of front-country camping (trip dependant). It will only be a few days.

  • We choose our locations carefully so that you are located nearby to the best out here. If you have a very strong preference to avoid front-country camping, please reach out and we will advise which trips you should choose (or vice-versa).

  • We have everything all sorted for you. If you want to choose a different type of accommodation, or have specific needs, just let us know when you book and we will advise you what is possible.

Tour Bus for Exploring Canada

Comfortable travel and transport

  • Our vehicles have ample space for you to stand up and stretch out. The seats recline and we have more seats than people on our trips. You gotta be comfy on the road.

  • The vehicles are big enough for comfort, but small enough that we can take you to the wild spots. All with a great vibe being decked out in Canadian gear.

  • There will be restroom and snack stops along the way. There is not a bathroom on the bus - trust us, this is a good thing.

  • We believe in listening to great tunes on the road, and have a soundsystem to match. Our drivers will be ready to DJ some classic Canadian tunes, but you'll also have the opportunity to share your own favourite playlists.

Mountain, road and forest for visiting canada well

Do cool stuff on the way

  • There are lots of free/included activities to get up to, as well as add-on activities like rafting, via ferrata, kayaking and more.

  • On days that we move to new locations, we'll break up the drive with cool stuff, such as hidden coves, huge waterfalls, and seaside towns. On optional and included day-trips in regions, we take you exploring so that you can experience the place.

  • See a spot that you are keen to check out along the route? Let your trip leader know in advance and we might just pull over. The earlier they know, the better. 

  • Travel with awesome people from around the world – who are all keen for a similar type of experience. We have had travellers from 30+ countries join us.

  • Small groups – 18 people max. While the majority of the trip it will be a maximum of 15 people, this helps us manage having folks join and leave at some spots throughout the journey.


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