Halifax & Around Lobster & Lighthouses


City of Trees

Capital of “New Scotland”

There are so many reasons to explore Halifax and the incredible sights around it.


  • Wander the streets of the most beautiful town in Canada, historic Lunenburg

  • Get your lumberjack on and go axe throwing 

  • Explore the gorgeous shorelines in and around Peggy's Cove (and the Lighthouse)

  • Enjoy time in a city with local flavours and entertainment of one much larger – great nightlife and food

  • Listen to the unique sounds of maritimes music filling establishments

  • Eat a the legendary Donair – a Halifax specialty - and the tastiest treat you have probably never heard of

Halifax – From culture to history and an abundance of nightlife, Hali is a fan favourite

  • Sing the night away! Many a pubs have live music and there are a few special ones we recommend​.

  • Explore historic wharfs, boardwalks and piers of downtown

  • Visit the Citadel aka fort George a National Historic Site of Canada – getting fantastic views from atop the city hill

  • Check out the Old Town Clock, a famous landmark, has been keeping time since 1803.

  • Congregate at Pizza Corner in downtown - less known by the official names Blowers and Grafton Street

  • Chow down the tastiest treat you have probably never heard of  – the Halifax invented Donair

  • Drink and tour your way through the famous Alexander Keith's Brewery  – raised in Nova Scotia since 1820.

Peggy’s Cove. What better time to spend then checking out this renowned spot.

  • There aren’t shorelines like this place at all anywhere

  • We recommend exploring the rocks and soaking in the air and fresh views.

  • Not to mention the cute colourful buildings around the area is also very pretty.

  • Did we mention there is a lighthouse there? Ya, it is an epic one. The most photographed lighthouse in the world!

Lunenburg – The prettiest town in Canada. One of only two towns in North America considered a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Seriously. This town is absolutely gorgeous. The harbour streets are filled with colourful houses and unique shops.

  • We haven’t even gotten started with the seafood

  • It is an old British planned fishing settlement from 1753 and a renowned example what they would be like given how well it has been preserved. This includes the gorgeous wooden architecture.

Get your lumberjack on and go axe Throwing!

The Halifax Citadel is why Halifax in many ways exists today. Among the first buildings built in Halifax was a wooden guard house there. 


  • You can shoot a ridiculously old gun. Fire an authentic Snider-Enfield rifle just as they did in 1869 ($22 for three shots).

  • It is also known as Fort George. It’s a fort built in a distinctive star shape.

  • Now it is more of a history site and dedicated to the reminder of Halifax’s past. You can explore the fortress, tour the army museum including a showcase of World War I

  • There are re-enactments – including people dressed in the same uniforms their regiments would have in the mid 1800s. 

  • You can do a ghost tour in the Citadel if your timing is right and that is your thing. Mid-July until late October (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – ~$14).

  • The Blue Nose. Queen of the North Atlantic. This world famous schooner called it’s home Lunenburg

  • The pride of Nova Scotia. Now there is the replica Blue Nose II that is there when not out on the waters.

  • An undefeated racing champion. Seventeen years being challenged by the best vessels in the world – some designed just to beat it – and was never bested – always winning handily.

  • This racing gaff rig schooner was built in 1921 in Nova Scotia

  • It’s a source of legend and pride. If you take a look at the ten-cent piece from Canada (called the dime) you will notice a sailing vessel. This is the Blue Nose.