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Want to join the team as a trip leader aka Road Warrior? Keep reading below.

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Canada Trip Leaders Opportunities

Are you interested in sharing your passion for Canada with adventurers from around the world?


Do you want to help them explore our great outdoors, cultural cities and experience what makes this vast and wild country amazing? Do you want to show them the time of their life?


Do you want to join and grow with a travel start-up and help show the world some of the most spectacular places in Canada - which few know about?


Read the details below and reach out because we are CURRENTLY HIRING trip leaders.

Out Here Travel is a road trip adventure startup focused on helping the world experience the best of Canada, in a responsible way.  The central & east coast of the country is absolutely spectacular and until now been extremely inaccessible.


We love exploring and sharing our favourite places. We are very passionate, enthusiastic and flexible to continue to improve how we operate and the experiences we offer.


We are travellers, explorers and adventurers, and always willing to learn. We also only believe in taking people to amazing places, not stopping at tourist stops for a cut, or choosing an activity provider for kickbacks to boost margins.


The best experience is our top priority and we would rather fight for discounts from providers, or better accommodations for our trip leaders.


Explore the site, our about-us page or reach out with any questions that you have and follow along on our newsletter to learn more about what we believe.

Peggy's Cove Lighthous Nova Scotia Sunset One Person There

What we offer

  • Joining a small travel company that believes in experience and adventure - not cutting things down to tweak margins at the expense of customers. Our group sizes are small - 18 max.

  • An opportunity to learn more about and continue to explore Canada while guiding curious young adventurous travellers

  • Employment during our summer season from May through October or winter season in January through March

  • Competitive compensation.

  • Multiple paid days off during the trips to help you relax and rejuvenate (these are primarily in cities)

  • Ability to participate in some of our paid activities for free (e.g., rafting), explore our national parks and more

  • Training to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared and well versed to run the trips including safety training, trip style/culture + itinerary overviews, vehicle maintenance, a training trip and more

  • Open, honest, flexible and respectful environment

  • Being an early employee with the opportunity to grow with and help shape the experiences that we offer.

  • Our trips are for mature, independent adults and we believe in treating them accordingly. For example, in a city we will share our advice to (e.g., best walking tour), and do not parade them around in an obligatory fashion.

  • Our promise to support you with difficult and inappropriate passengers.

Canada Star Gazing Best Road Trip Location

What we are looking for

  • We are looking for organized, adventurous, flexible people to lead our adventure road trips and grow with the organization. You should have a positive attitude, infectious personality and thoroughly enjoy showing people the time of their lives.

  • You are comfortable driving a large vehicle, communicating to groups, planning daily schedules, and managing complex group dynamics.

  • You are excited to share your knowledge about Canada, provide outdoor excursions to national parks and activities, lead day trips to remote areas and world heritage sites, advise on city exploration and night-time entertainment (and occasionally tag along), teach campground etiquette and basic skills (e.g., starting a campfire) and more.

  • You are always up for learning new things and exploring new places.

  • You are awesome.

Amazing View from a Top Canada Hike in New Brunswick Road Trip

Responsibilities and requirements

  • Personality: Be a responsible, fun, team player that loves travel and interacting with people from around the globe. Have infectious positivity that can make the best out of almost any situation.

  • Customer Happiness: Ensuring that customers have the time of their life. Provide leadership and be responsible for our customers well being. Solve traveler issues and connect them with the rest of the Out here team as necessary. Ensure that there is awesome Canadian music frequently being played through the sound system (we have some playlists for ya!).

  • Planning: Confirm reservations for activities, accommodations and other necessary items during the trip. Plan and adjust the route and stops during the day. Adjust the plans based on the group dynamics, weather, tides and other variables. Support meal purchases and kitty fund organization primarily when in national parks.


  • Communication: Calm, cool and collected under pressure with the ability to communicate in lots of different situations and contexts. Ability and awareness to communicate trip plans and important details with the group (e.g., lunch stops) at appropriate times.


  • Driving & Vehicle: Safely driving a mini/shuttle-bus on a daily basis. Ensuring our customers feel safe while you are driving and at all times. Be well rested and prepared to drive safely. Keep the vehicle clean during the trip. Perform all required safety checks for the commercial vehicle. Take the vehicle for maintenance as required post-trip.


  • Camping & Cooking: Ensure that all passengers are aware of general camping etiquette and safety (e.g., no food in tents). Support camp setup and takedown. Share your knowledge. Basic camp cooking skills, including leading cooking for a few meals during the trip. Ensure campground clean-up. Properly start and put out fires. Be aware and comply with fire bans and restrictions.


  • Knowledge: Be knowledgeable about Canada’s history, culture, each region, city, national parks, activities, restaurants, nightlife, campaign etiquette and more. Continuously learn and be able to share it with your customers and the Out Here team to help build our ever growing knowledge base.


  • A few other things:

    • Adhere to our drug and alcohol policy.

    • Perform administration tasks such as driving logs, updating head office, logistics, ensuring equipment and gear is in clean and working order, providing a post-trip report.

    • Be able to handle difficult situations (e.g., flat tire) calmly and safely.

Applicants are required to have:

  • Canadian Citizenship or appropriate permits to work and reside in Canada

  • Class F Ontario drivers license or equivalent well before start date (if you do not have it yet, it isn't a non-starter)

  • Have a clean drivers abstract free from tickets or accidents

  • Travel and camping experience

  • (Bonus) French language skills

  • (Bonus) First aid and CPR certified

  • (Bonus) Basic vehicle maintenance skills

  • (Bonus) Past experience as a trip leader

  • (Bonus) 1+ years of past commercial driving experience

  • (Bonus) Photography or videography skills, and relevant equipment to support our marketing efforts

Beautiful Canada Forest on Adventure Bus Tour

How do i become a trip leader, out here?

  • Email us at opportunities@outheretravel.ca, let us know that you are interested and include the following, plus anything else that you think is relevant

  • Submit a cover letter 

  • Submit a resume

  • Submit a Certified Driving Record, Certified Driver’s Abstract or equivalent or higher from each State/Province where you have held a Driver’s License during the past five years.

  • If selected, you will be required to submit

    • a copy of your driver’s license and where relevant 

    • proof of past commercial driving experience from relevant insurance providers

    • certified driving record, certified driver’s abstract or equivalent or higher from each State/Province where you have held a driver’s license during the past five years.

  • The top three things that make you really excited about the opportunity

Canada Tour Group Led by Trip Leader in Quebec Natinonal Park