Whales & Festivities

Cote Nord

The Quebec Maritimes

The Kingdom of Saguenay

Whales, dunes, festivities and fjords.

What would you say to this? Is this a place that you would want to explore before everyone else catches on?

  • The best whale watching experience in the country.

  • The best cheese in Canada, and home of Cirque du Soleil.

  • Staying at a funky Auberge - with the option to join locals in communal dinners.

  • Massive sand dunes to wander.

  • A cute town filled with local charms and distinct Quebec Maritimes flavour.

  • Local beers, food and festivities.

  • Before we get to Tadoussac - we explore the Charlevoix area along the way there. The area impacted by a massive meteorite many years ago – can you feel it?

  • Renowned as a cheese and culinary route (which of course we will stop at some!)

  • It is also known for the cute and charming city of Baie St. Paul – which we definitely stop. The home of many artists and the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil. 

  • If you are in Tadoussac and into wildlife, you cannot skip out on a whale watching experience in the Marine Park – we recommend by Zodiac.

  • The mighty St Laurent at this location has large numbers of whales and other cetaceansboth in species and overall numbers.

  • The St. Laurent is massive about ~1200 km long, and has a basin size of 1.3M square kms – but the whales  come to this location because it is teaming with food for them because of the unique geography.

  • Also there is a great Whale & Marine Park Interpretive Center in Tadoussac if you want to learn more about these magnificent creatures.

  • We love Tadoussac. It’s distinct and magical.

  • There is nothing like it nor will there be.

  • While challenging to visit on a serious trip to Canada –It is beyond worth it. It’s why we are here!

  • On the way we take a ferry that lets you check out the National Marine Park and the Saguenay Fjord as you arrive.  

  • You will also get some time at the sand dunes – which are over 60m tall.

  • You can hang out on the beach, walk the nearby trails or go for a swim/wander in the St. Laurent depending on the tides.

  • It is something to take in

  • One of our favourite things about Tadoussac is staying at the funky Auberge Jeunesse.

  • Known as “L’eau Berge” or Maison Majorique – this community and family driven institution has been hosting travellers since the 70’s. It is built around the local community and culture.

  • From family style optional meals and bonfires + musical and art gatherings on the grounds filled with patio tables.

  • They have old boats, a bar, pool table, games and stilts to try your hand at!

  • Note: It appears that some Out Here folks from Belgium from the trip were with us in Tadoussac and hung up their flag on the nearest ship pole – and enjoyed Canadian liquor!

  • Another favourite of Tadoussac is walking along the throughout  and around town along with the the various piers.

  • You can get to boardwalks along the St Laurent providing epic views. Keep your eyes out for whales as many visit the areas around the Saguenay river where the town is located. 

  • We didn't even get to the history  – It’s also got lots. For example, Tadoussac was the first fur-trading post in European North America (in 1600!).