Potatoes & Seafood


Spud Island

Garden of the Gulf

Travellers head to Prince Edward Island for the endless beaches and warm waters, gorgeous lighthouses, along with the incredible seafood and potatoes.


This is before we even get started on the quaint charming style of life that you can immerse yourself in.


It is also the birthplace of Canada – although a few other Maritime regions claim to be as well! 

It is also the perfect time to slow down the pace and relax after getting active in Cape Breton – all while enjoying what makes it special.

​There is tons to get up to on the Island. Some faves includes:

  • Soak in the sun and swim at the best beaches in Canada

  • Visit the “Milkyway” and cool down with some of Cow’s ice cream

  • Explore the red-sand shores and beautiful wonders like Thunder Cove

  • Eat the best and freshest mussels, oysters and clams in Canada

  • Walk along the parabolic sand dunes after crossing a lake by floating boardwalk

  • Stroll the quaint streets of Charlottetown – before a night on the town

  • Chow down on some potatoes – they are extra delicious here

  • Road-trip across the Confederation bridge that takes you across the Ocean

  • Enjoy a scenic ferry ride from Cape Breton Island to PEI

The island’s greenery, fertile farmland and small rolling hills make this part of the country unique. It is called the Garden of the Gulf for a reason.


Exploring around the capes, coves shorelines are breathtaking – and there are more than countless spots to relax and enjoy yourself

Prince Edward Island has a small population of 150K people – who are appropriately called “Islanders”. They live and breathe the island and their way of life.


Depending on where you are from, you’ll notice many familiar songs and some familiarity with some accents. The majority of people have family descent from Scotland, England, Ireland and France.

Exploring the sand dunes at Greenwich is great for an afternoon.


It is one of the provinces if not countries subtly prettiest national parks.


Explore the coastline beachfront endlessly and enjoy it all to yourself with all the unique geography surrounding you

Soak in the sun and get in the water at the best beaches in Canada – during summer! These beaches are the best in the country for a few reasons.


Incredibly warm ocean waters.


Perfect temperatures throughout summer.


Silky smooth sand (and some that sings).


Endless beaches so you can get a place for you. Safe swimming spots aplenty.


Sand bars to walk out on and explore.

There are plenty to pick from – Cavendish, Brackley, Rustico, Basin Head and a way too many more to name.

Potatoes. New Potatoes. More Potatoes.


Two Billion Potatoes!


Prince Edward Island is in many ways a home to farming and potatoes. Around 10% of the island's land is dedicated to potatoes (50% overall to farming).


Now we understand, what you are really interested in is… are they any good? YES – they are ridiculously delicious!


It’s a different potato world.  The red, sandy soil, rich in iron, is perfectly suited for potatoes – and they are absolutely delicious.


You can get them fresh right from a farm-stand most of the season. 

Seafood. Take your pick. They have plenty. They are all readily available.

In our opinion you really want to dig into the mussels and oysters. They produce over 80% of Canada’s mussels, and the oysters from Malpeque are out of this world delicious


They even have a local island hot sauce producer that makes special blends just for the local oysters.


We haven’t even started on the clams and beyond. Enjoy! Take your pick. Lobsters, blue mussels, oysters, clams, quahaugs, arctic char, trout, crab, rock crab, spider crab, herring, mackerel, cod and the giant bluefin tuna!

Charming Charlottetown.


It's quaint and beautiful.


Walk the streets of downtown, Victoria Park, Confederation landing, the Governor's house and beyond.


Grab a beer at the local Gahan house – one of their specialty beers tastes like blueberries and another is named after Canada’s first prime minister. 

Anne of Green Gables.


Unless you are Canadian or Japanese it probably never grew to popular acclaim in your region.


It is considered to be an absolute classic of a children’s novel about life and adventures of an 11 year orphan girl Anne.


It has been made into films, tv shows and musicals. Interest in Anne and the magical setting of PEI that it described is interestingly a huge drive of tourism for PEI. They have a dedicated Anne of Green Gables house to visit. Oh - and don’t forget your Anne hat with her classic bright red hair! It’s a classic.