Our first recommendation for the summer is always the Big One – if you have the time and budget.

We believe this is the best possible adventure road trip you can take in around a month. You are coming all the way Out Here, so why not experience it all if you can? If there is still space – we recommend booking the Newfoundland extension.

The other summer trips are all distinct sections of the Big One (e.g., Central to Maritimes, Central & All Maritimes, Maritimes to Central, Almost Big One, and Haligonia to Central). These routes are available because we understand that not everyone has the time or budget for the entire journey – but still want to have an incredible time out here. Each route is designed to provide a great variety of unique experiences across a variety of regions, and each with solid transport connections.


  • The Cold Scares You? It isn't that cold! The weather in the shoulder seasons of April and May along with mid-September through October can get colder, but usually is quite decent. It is unlikely to be very cold, just bring a wind-breaker and appropriate clothing layers and a toque (aka beanie). We will send you a gear list.

  • Wildlife? Moose, bears, beavers and deer you can see year round, it matters more what time of day and where you go. Although Moose are really visible in May. Whale watching in Tadoussac happens all season but is more active end of July through October. 

  • Adventure Activities? Most activities it doesn't matter. For white water rafting it can sometimes have higher water levels in May and June. Any time of year it is a great ride – they don't call it the mighty Ottawa River for nothing – and there are multiple channels they choose from to ensure a wild ride.​ 

  • Other Considerations

    • Some of the hostels we stay at can be more "upbeat" in the heart of the summer. If that is important to you, we would generally recommend departures from June through August

    • Fall colours. Joining us on trips depart near the end of September are your best opportunities. This normally provides great opportunities through sections of the trip.

    • If you you are a very big fan of Anne of Green Gables and want to see a related theatre play in Charlottetown – we would recommend ensuring you will be there while they are open for the season and letting us know ahead of time. 


  • Two weeks or so: The Haligonia to Central and Central to Maritimes trips. If you are keen on add-on activities, the Central to Maritimes is your beset bet. If you prefer more hiking and outdoor exploration the Haligonia to Central is a better choice. If you prefer activities like Rafting, Whale Watching then choose the Central trip.

  • Three weeks or so: The Almost Big One or the Central & All Maritimes are the best options for you. In the first option – as compared to the Big One – you skip Algonquin Park, Ottawa (the Capital) and our time along the way to Quebec. You'll however get to experience the magical Gaspesie and Montreal. The Central & All Maritimes does the opposite . You can't go wrong.


  • Four weeks: We highly recommend the Big One.  This is our premier trip that hits our favourite destinations across all of Central & East coast of Canada.

  • More please! We are running one special trip in 2020 with an extension to Newfoundland. Check it out. See you on the road! Should we call it "The Biggest One" or "The Big & Bold"?


  • Less than a week: Check out our Quicky Central Trip. You'll go on a great adventure through Ontario & Quebec at a fast pace. We don't run many of these each season, and they are usually in the shoulder seasons.


  • Toronto. You have your pick of trips from Big One, the Central to Maritimes, the Central and all Maritimes

  • Quebec City: You can do the Almost Big One. Although if you are near Montreal or even Quebec City already for that matter, and choosing this option, we definitely think it is worth it to join us in Toronto for the Big One to experience Algonquin Park, the Capital and beyond.

  • Ottawa. We recommend coming to Toronto for the Big One or Central trips so that you don't miss the Algonquin Park portion of the trip. Alternatively, you can join the trip in Ottawa – just reach out.  It's a short train/bus ride.

  • Other. We are happy to work on a creative solution with you.  Let us know where you will be at, when you want to go and we will see what we can do to help you figure out how to meet up with us.