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People get the adventure bug in different ways. For me, it all stems from an incredible nine-day canoe trip with my dad in Temagami, northeastern Ontario. I was seven. Paddling rapids, camping out, cooking over a campfire, and doing it all Canadian style. I’ve been lucky to live and travel in plenty of countries since, and I’ve learned that it’s not the number of places you visit that’s important – it's that you get to explore them your way.

Then four years ago, while working at Google, it suddenly struck me just how difficult it was to explore the most amazing parts of my own country. There just weren’t any simple travel options available. I realized that what I and other like-minded travellers were missing was an easy, flexible and budget-friendly way to experience all the best stuff. Based on my time exploring my own country, and having talked to many people about the challenges of exploring Canada on your own, I started working on a solution.


Canada is hard to travel well. It's big, for a start. Like 41 United Kingdoms big. Two million rivers big. A million moose big. I've met people who have tried to cover everything on a 5,500 km road trip from Vancouver to Toronto, and while I respect their ambition, it's clear they missed lots of the most amazing stuff. Everything north and east of Toronto, for example. These regions have some of the most exciting and rewarding places to visit in Canada, but it’s also extremely difficult to explore them without local knowledge, a car and an extensive fuel budget.


Even deciding where to go and what to do is daunting – just look at all those vague and conflicting listicles, travel blogs and online recommendations. In fact don't. They're mostly written by people who have never even been to the places in question, and many are full of misinformation. Your time and budget are precious so don't waste them on advice pumped out by a content farm.

I launched Out Here Travel to solve all these challenges. We are a team of trip leaders dedicated to helping people like you experience the very best of Canada. Each of us has spent years mastering our ability to provide you the trip of a lifetime. We've road-tripped, hiked, paddled and explore countless KMs of our country We've spent thousands of nights at national and provincial parks, hostels and rustic cabins, and packed in countless hours of exhilarating activities across Canada. And while we never say we know everything about this huge and amazing country, we will keep on exploring to continually improve and refine the experiences we offer to you.  


Going on a road-trip adventure like this is a great way to experience Canadian culture and our natural wonders, not to mention reconnect to nature. We'll always be on the lookout to share something special with you: an epic view, an amazing local festival, a cool hidden street in one of our amazing cities, the feeling that comes when paddling out onto a lake, or even just a starlit sky completely free of light pollution. But we'll also share our responsibility to protect the nature we pass through. We practice "leave no trace" and always leave places cleaner than we found them. And we don't feed or disturb animals, be they moose, whales, beavers, bears or "trash pandas". We witness them without contributing to their demise, and we don't mess up their backyard.

We believe that everyone should be able to explore our amazing country, and return from a road-trip adventure having had the time of their life. We offer our experience and local knowledge about where to go, and what to get up to, in the hope that you come Out Here and join us.

Jared Nusinoff

Chief Adventurer

Out Here Travel

Out Here Travel Founder for Adventures in Canada