Canada Trip Accommodations

We recommend staying in a variety of awesome accommodation to get the best experience out of each location.

  • Hostels 

  • Lodges

  • Yurts

  • A-Frames

  • Camping (specific trips only for a few days)

Classic Hostels in Cities:

  • Our hostels in big cities are relatively similar to those you have stayed at in other major cities around the world.

  • Most have dorm beds, some have a handful of private beds.

  • Communal bathrooms and shared kitchens are the norm.

  • Most are filled with global travelers, including lots of Canadians.

  • Most have additional amenities, including above ground hot-tubs, stilt competitions, pool tables and drinking holes/bars.

Lodges on the road (including Yurts and more):​

  • These are somewhere between a hostel and a lodge – outdoorsy fun, with many of the amenities of a hostel.

  • They provide bed linen and towels, and offer kitchens, chill rooms and bars.

  • Bonfires and bands are pretty common.

Rustic Cabins & A-Frames:

  • We occasionally rent out small cabins – sometimes they are in national parks.

  • We use these in lieu of some smaller hostels during high season, or instead of tent camping in the shoulder season because of weather considerations.

  • When using the cabins there will sometimes be an assortment of beds and heavy duty mattress added to accommodate us. This is the only way to venture to the awesome spots we love -> as they all don't have accommodations designed for the solo traveller.

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Great Accommodations for Canada RoadTrip in Quebec

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We have kept this information up to help you plan your own trips – ensure that you can have a great experience travelling your way. 

camping on some trips

Some trips have a few nights of camping, others do not have any.​

If you have a very strong preference to avoid a few nights of tent camping, please reach out and we will advise which trips they are. Or vice-versa. It is a great experience.

Never been camping?  Do not worry!

  • We will take care of you and show you how to set up all your stuff.

  • If you're comfortable in dorm rooms, you'll be comfortable in a tent, and we really believe camping is a big part of having an authentic Canadian experience! 

  • There will be toilets and other facilities.

  • If you have any concerns, reach out and we'll answer all your questions!


Gear we provide & what you need to bring (or rent for a nominal fee)

  • We provide tents, cooking gear, tarps and other group items.

  • You should bring a sleeping bag, an air-mattress (e.g. thermarest) and a headlamp. Sleeping bags/air-mattresses are available to rent for a nominal fee if needed - we will be in touch before trip departure.


Camping opportunities on the trip

Our primary spot for camping is Algonquin Park and occasionally Fundy National Park (but we usually stay in A-Frame cabins). Opportunities for camping will be dependant on the specific trip. Reach out if important to you either way.


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Some Of Our Favourite Accommodations

City Style Hostels

  • HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

  • HI Charlottetown Backpackers Inn

  • HI Halifax Hostel

  • Auberge Internationale du Quebec

  • HI Montreal

  • SameSun Montreal

Lodge Style Hostels

  • Not Your Average Hostel

  • BongoPix

  • HI Cabot Trail Hostel

  • Tadoussac L'eau Berge Jeunesse

  • Sea Shack aka Auberge Festive

  • Bear on the Lake Guesthouse

  • Norris Point Cottage Hospital Hostel

  • Kip & Kaboodle Hostel