Newfoundland Extension – The Rock!

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We have been planning it for years – and will adding this route if you are keen to do it. Newfoundland – The Rock. We have one special fiddle filled departure planned for 2020... but we know what happened and fingers crossed for 2021!

There is so much to experience

  • Conquer Gros Morne – perhaps the most epic hike with unparalleled views in Canada

  • Witness wildlife galore from puffins, whales, moose and beyond do their thing

  • Explore Cape Spear the most easterly part of North America

  • Drink iceberg beer and the infamous "screech" rum

  • Become an honorary Newfoundlander after you "kiss a fish" and a few other classics

  • Lots lots lots lots more

Length: +8 Days/Nights

Itinerary at a Glance



Ferry to Newfoundland


Gros Morne & Around


East Capes / Trinity


St. John's


Ferry back to Nova Scotia


Continue on the journey


A Selection of Highlights from The Trip

You'll be getting up to lots including:

  • Conquer Gros Morne National Park  - visiting the park's highest point and witnessing unparalleled views

  • Visit Cape Spear, the most easterly part of North America

  • Witness wildlife galore from puffins, whales, moose and beyond do their thing

  • Explore the Western Brook Pond fjord in the Long Range Mountains

  • Hike along mantle rock in the Tablelands

  • Kiss a fish and drink some screech on George Street while becoming an honorary Newfoundlander

  • Watch local musicians randomly congregate and do their thing with their fiddles

  • Wander along the epic Skerwink trail

  • Visit the infamous town of Dildo, Newfoundland

  • Enjoy the view of St. John's from Signal Hill

  • Drink iceberg beer and/or go on a brewery tour at Quidi Vidi

  • Eat some cod tongues

  • Soak it all in

  • Be in awe

  • And be ready for some surprises!

More Detailes by Location
IMG_3346-EFFECTS (1).jpg

Journey from Halifax to Newfoundland

After enjoying a sleep-in we will start our journey to get to the Rock. We will drive up to North Sydney, Nova Scotia – taking in some sights along the way including the beautiful Bras D'or Lake. We will stop at multiple coves and historic sights. We will also explore the super cool abandoned Chapel Battery Site and get outside and enjoy the weather. From there we will load up on snacks and make our way to our journey across the sea to Newfoundland – the last province to join Canada.

Sleep/Relax: Optional Ferry Cabin

  • Take in the sights of Bras D'or Lake on the way

  • Explore the Chapel Point Battery Site near Sydney Mines and Indian Beach

  • Enjoy an evening on the seas!

  • Gaze on the Ocean as we make our way to the Rock


Gros Morne National Park & Around

This place is out of this world. The landscape alone is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shaped by colliding continents, grinding glaciers, the sea and more. Fjords, mountains and beyond. We are going to setup shop near Norris Point – right in the heart of the Park and have tons of time to explore. Hiking in Gros Morne, seeing the naked earth at the Tablelands (walking on mantle rock), and optional fjord boat tour at Western Brook Pond.  There will be a few surprises as per usual.

Sleep/Relax: East Coast Hostel or Cabins

  • Explore mantle rock at the Tablelands

  • Hike legendary Gros Morne trails

  • Boat tour of Western Brook Pond

  • Enjoy the dark sky, sunsets and epic views everywhere


East Cape & Trinity

We are going to be making a journey across Newfoundland, taking in the towns of Gander, Gambo and more. Once there we have a the beautiful Terra Nova National Park to explore, along with the entire BonaVista Peninsula. We will check out an amazing spot for Puffin viewing and a few wild landscapes like Dungeon Provincial Park. We have a few days to explore the surroundings and take it in.

Sleep/Relax:  Cabins in Terra Nova National Park or Skerwink Hostel

  • Witness Puffins in Bonavista

  • Check out Dungeon Provincial Park with raging and violent seas and amazing geological formations

  • Visit the cute town Elliston known as the Root Cellar Capital of the World

IMG_3761 2.JPG

St. John's & Around

There is nothing quite like St. John's in Canada let alone the world. The city is charming with colourful gingerbread houses. You can get great views at the top of Signal Hill. While there we will of course help you venture to Cape Spear, the most eastern part of the continent. You are now ready to become an honorary Newfoundlander and get screeched on on George Street – one of the wildest streets in the world. This is just a taste.

Sleep/Relax: East Coast Hostel or Cabins

  • Journey up to Historical Signal Hill for beautiful views

  • Become an honourary Newfoundlander

  • Check out some of the East Coast Trail the world's top coastal destination in 2016 by National Geographic

  • Enjoy some iceberg beer in the charming town of Quidi Vidi


Journey to Back to Cape Breton

After a great journey across the Rock it is time to head back to Nova Scotia and explore the mighty Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Island. Before departing we will check out a few sights along the way – from coves, bays, wildlife reserves and more. We will also be sure to stop to get some snacks for the ride ahead. 

Sleep/Relax: Optional Ferry Cabin

  • Enjoy the entertainment on ship

  • Capes and coves along the way

  • Soak in the views of the sea

  • Rest & recover

Additional Details

Accommodations: We will be staying primarily in combination of hostels & rustic cabins.

Optional Ferry Accommodations Upgrade/Add-On: 

  • ​For the two Newfoundland ferries we have been able to secure cabins with bunks for you if desired.

  • The cost will be roughly $75-$135 per person for each of the two ferries – depending on how many people we have for each room.

  • We will share more details and have a sign-up form before the trip to secure your spot.

  • Note: There is limited availability and these rooms will be released if not used as we get closer to departure. 

Trip Route Options & Schedule:

  • Contact us about dates for 2021 and your flexibility/availability. If we get enough travellers to commit – we will unlock the trip.