Quebec | Quebec


Where the river narrows.

Welcome to Quebec – La Belle Province


The Capital of Quebec. Originally Kébec . Called Quebec City, but officially Quebec – same as the province. 

It’s a new world! New language, culture, food and a completely different type of city that can’t really be described! 

  • Fortified city and cobblestone streets worthy of exploring

  • Real fresh and local Poutine along with Lumberjack Feasts

  • Patios and nightlife in Grand Alle including Boite de Chansons.

  • Château Frontenac – one of Canada’s grand railway hotels

  • Massive nearby waterfalls that you can get up close to

  • Take the challenge and scale and climb beside a 74m waterfall

  • Visit the Plains of Abraham, Battlefields Park and the Citadelle

  • This place is breathtaking - like stepping into a different time and world altogether – Quebecois style!

  • Classical architecture, fortified walls/core and a distinct Quebec + European feel.

  • Food, history and loads of fantastic nightlife & beverages as well!

  • We always recommend that folks take their time and explore the cobblestone streets of Quebec

  • From Lower Town, Place Royale, Terrace Dufferin and around. There are great sights and alleyways to meander and maze your way through – get lost. 

  • The pictures of Quebec can’t do it justice. You just have to not only see it - but feel it! 

  • Also the views of the Château Frontenac – one of Canada’s grand railway hotels can’t be beat from the Plains of Abraham or from across the St. Laurent.

  • Soak it in at sunset for some vibrant colours. 

  • You can also check out the Citadelle - a museum and active fort with a very long and interesting history. 

  • The nightlife in Quebec is fantastic (along with their food!).

  • You can sit back and relax in Grand Allee on the patios. 

  • Or check out the Sainte Roche area and play pinball and retro video games inside a local bar.

  • Did we mention our favourite – a Boite de Chanson for the evening. Local live Quebec singers doing local classics + pop music sung for free. Requests from the crowd are appreciated!

  • It’s classically Quebec. 

  • Poutine.

  • Frequently mimicked – but never duplicated.

  • It may not always look pretty which makes sense as it was first described as "being a grand ole mess!"

  • We are just about in the cheese curd capital of Canada and the birthplace of poutine. You haven’t had real Poutine until you have had it in Quebec (the province).

  • Want to try something a bit different than classic Poutine? Have a Lumberjack Casserole!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Quebec has some majestic waterfalls near the city that we get you to.

  • One of our favourites is Montmorency that we will check out on the way to Quebec. You can make your way all the way down to the bottom – and get a little soaked as well! 

  • We also may have some others on the way that are similarly grand.

  • One majestic place to visit is Canyon Sainte-Anne.

  • The views from the platforms are awesome – as are the suspension bridges and beyond for those that don't want to take on the Ferrata challenge. 

  • Keen on it? Get up to some Via Ferrata and get up close to a 74m waterfall – maybe getting soaked. 




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