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Traveling Canada can be challenging. Some key tips about visiting, touring and holidaying in Canada.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Experience the amazing Canadian adventure travel destinations. The day trips are key!

It is a nice beautiful day in the Laurentian's Quebec. I figure, why not go check out some fantastic waterfalls, hikes in the Tremblant National Park - so I ask my newly made hostel friends, if they have checked it out and how it was. The answer as is standard.... we don’t have a car and, there isn't a way to get there - just that one bus every 3-4 hours.

They join me to check it out that day, because well I have a car. This happens in virtually every city and village that I have travelled in glorious Canada. In Halifax to see the Blue Rocks or Tidal Bore rafting. In PEI to go to Malpeque for Oysters or North Cape (not to mention Singing Sands). You gotta have some wheels. We have been working our best to solve it for those that don't or the budget, local knowledge and driving skills to manage it.

Scenic view of Cape Split Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy during an Canada Adventure Trip Vacation

Great Canadian Travel Accommodations: My standard move was to just show up at a hostel when travelling around. Well in Canada there aren’t many hostels (or beds at locations), and I learnt the hard way by just showing up and getting the ‘no rooms available, how about in a few days. Luckily I had my camping gear, so just headed to a campground. Also, there are TONS of amazing little cottages everywhere that make sense to split amongst groups and create a truly Canadian experience. But not fun on your own and too pricey. Splitting makes the price similar to a hostel, and it is epic. We love cottaging! Folks don’t do this from abroad... but they should. Hostels are great... but so are quaint cabins. You gotta experience it all.

Adventure Tour Canada Destination in Gaspesie Quebec

Seeing the Canadian National Parks & Wilderness: What is the best part of Canada... well I would argue that it is the wilderness, parks and our vast and wild great outdoors. Go hiking, snow-shoeing, rock-climbing, waterfall hunting or more. We have tons - but better know what you are doing and where the best stuff is. Spending some time hiking or canoe tripping Algonquin, Killarney and Temagami parks, or paddling rivers like the Dumoine or Missinaibi. How about dogsledding in northern Quebec or Ontario? We have too many places to count that are worthy of exploring. From our national + provincial parks, crown land and beyond.

Adventure trips Canada destination in Algonquin Park, Ontario Road Trip

Travel Distances Between Locations in Canada: Canada is enormous. That is why you need to know where to go, and how to explore around without doubling back too much, and enjoying your time without spending too much time driving around. With the right structure, it actually isn’t that hard to minimize drive times, stop at impressive unknown waterfalls for lunch and more. We have been crisscrossing the provinces to optimize the experiences - more to come on this blog! Don’t get me wrong, you gotta drive, but splitting it up makes it reasonable and a fun adventure. Isn’t there a saying the journey is the destination, so enjoy it?

Adventure vacations Canada Cabot Trail Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Highlands

Flight & Car Costs for Canadian Adventure Travel: Flying around Canada is expensive. Busing around Canada is costly (not to mention doesn’t get you to where you want to go - just to a city, but not a national park or at a cool stop-over on the way like Montmorency falls). Buying a car is also expensive because of the acquisition costs, insurance costs, petrol and more. Sharing your commute, and expenses with accommodation are some of the ways to make things reasonable - and more fun.

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