• Jared Rover

Nothing dry about the magical Drysdale Falls, Nova Scotia. Epic Canada Travel Destinations.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

On road trips across Canada, sometimes there are destinations between other destinations, attractions hidden along the way. Such is the Drysdale Falls... known simply as "The Falls" by locals.

On an inconspicuous spot on the highway between Nova Scotia and the PEI Bridge, between Pictou and the Cabot Trail, the bus pulls over on the shoulder, and you might wonder why as there isn't anything. You have to know it’s there because the Falls aren’t visible from the window, you’ll likely just see one or two parked cars and might wonder why they are there - with no people or place in sight. But follow the river for a short 15 minute jaunt and then behold, the swimming hole and the mighty waterfall!

Adventure Travel Canada Destination Drysdale Falls Off the Beaten Track

Feel its spray from underneath and then have a bite to eat while you enjoy the view. There’s a natural swimming pool at the bottom, so if you want to rejuvenate yourself while swimming near the view, go ahead! It is possible to jump down from the top of the falls. Some people have done it and lived, but not everybody! Seriously. We can be extreme but we don’t recommend the jump, because some people have met tragic ends recently and we don’t consider this a part of any adventure, let alone an Out Here experience for that matter.

Drysdale Falls are located / reachable via private land, and was recently closed down temporarily because of hooliganism - in fact, you never know really if it is open or not. So, if you can manage to refrain from behaving like a savage animal for an hour it should be all fine. You’ll get to chill, swim or feel the spray of the beast from land. Also, obviously, get your mandatory / epic nature snapshots for your private collection or Insta, the gram or snaps or… none, and just leave the phones behind!

Canada Tour Destination Off Beaten Track Hiking Trail to Drysdale Falls

But nothing will match the experience of it. Pictures of waterfalls always fall short. They never capture just how sublime they really are. The scale, the sheer volume of water, just does not come through. And unlike in real life, in pictures the water looks still! The rushing water’s mist felt on the flesh will make you appreciate just how much water is needed to constantly, 24/7 gush down.

Your pics will hint to friends and family of the Falls’ epicness. And let’s be real: stirring up travel envy is the real reason you’re taking pictures, don’t lie. But when you look back at your beautiful pictures and realize how inadequate they are, when despite this beauty they feel even more special, that’s the experience we’re after.

We don’t want to tell anyone how to live, so the rules we’ve outlined when checking out Drysdale Falls are, we feel, simple and reasonable: don’t be a savage animal or die. Follow these rules and we’ll all have a fun little time and move on to the next thing.

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