• Jared Rover

Experience Thunderous Niagara Falls. Recommendations for touring and visiting Canada.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

While travelling with adventurers from around the world across Canada, we explore waterfalls and national parks. They frequently ask why we don’t take people to Niagara Falls on our Canadian road trips? You venture through Ontario, don’t you? Leading from there, many ask if they should even visit given that we generally don’t go - not to mention everything else you would see on an epic Canadian road trip, whether with us or not.

Simply put, YES, you should visit Niagara Falls when visiting Canada and stopping in Toronto. It is an incredible natural spectacle. This place is booming, majestic, and indeed one of a kind. We are talking 170 feet high, 150K gallons of water per second. Yes, you read that right, per second. And 2,200 feet wide - with viewing platforms and boats that can get you up close and soaked. Keep in mind that Niagara Falls is a really really really touristy location - filled with lots of travellers and the corresponding big charter buses, overpriced food, and lots of “attractions” with that classic tourist town cheap feeling. Regardless, the falls are merely called the falls for a reason - if you have the time, do visit on your Canadian road trip or holiday.