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Best accommodations for travelling Canada in bay of Fundy New Brunswick. Hostels, Camping and more!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

The Bay of Fundy falls between two Canadian provinces, Nova Scotia to the south and New Brunswick to the north. They’re both great, but this post will focus on some great places to grab a night of rest while checking it out from the New Brunswick side.

View at Bay of Fundy Hopewell Rocks during a Canada Tour in Maritimes with Out Here

If you want to see the Bay of Fundy without camping there are less rugged options in the town of Alma. It’s more expensive, so it’s not the kind of thing done for solo backpackers. But it’s good for a small group. It’s located in the heart of the action, but feels a bit touristy. There are some awesome restaurants on the main strip with local fare. It is also just outside of Fundy National park with easy access to the trails (if you have a car).

Alternatively, there’s free camping at this really hip spot that not too far drive away. The place is called The Shire, and it’s just some super nice dude who doesn’t charge people to stay on his land. He cuts the grass. He has got some wooden swings, modest structures, a gazebo and an amazing fire pit to hang out around. Cool guy! The party is relaxed and fun, definitely worth a visit.

Camping is available in Fundy National Park. If you’re camping alone it can be the same price as a dorm bed, but split with a group it’s super affordable. The park is huge: 207 kilometres squared, 100 kms of hiking trails, with tons of campsites. If you have your own tent, bring it. But if you don't, you can either stay in one of the new yurts or in a rustic cabin. If you prefer these options, make sure you book it very much in advance. Canadians have such a close relationship with their landscape, we literally sleep together. Camping provides visitors to Canada a fun and meaningful glimpse of the land and people here. It’s highly recommended.

Adventure road trip Bay of Fundy views at sunset

There are tons of options for hiking in Fundy National Park, but transport is needed between them. It’s handy to have a car. It’s pretty required actually to hit the hiking spots. Headquarters Campground is accessible and easy, offering great views of the Bay right from where you camp. Skip Cannontown, though. It’s filled with RVs, and doesn’t feel like a scenic getaway. Chignecto is just the opposite, with thick and serene woodlands the trails are at your doorstep. Whereas in other locations they can be a drive away, here it’s just a short walk. Point Wolfe campground is a great destination too. Camp sites are located in both open areas and in the woods. You’ll cross the Point Wolfe covered bridge to get there, 8 kilometres west of the Park Headquarters campground. You can access many trails from here, including one that takes you right to the rugged shore of the Bay of Fundy.

In fact the Bay of Fundy is like a jump off point for other smallish drives to popular cities, like Moncton and Fredericton. Shout out to Monique and Morgan at Moncton’s “C’mon Inn”! These people are generous with the wine and conversation. If you want to know what goes on there, picture lots of guitars, eating and laughs. patio. Great spot, though hardly atypical of the area. It’s also conveniently placed near a brewery with delicious beer.

Ultimately, the Bay of Fundy is about seeing beautiful stuff with fun and easy people to be around. Simple, basic and wonderful.

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