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Get soaked by the massive tides on the Bay of Fundy - Adventure Travel Canada Rafting

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Travel Canada Rafting Experiences in Maritimes Bay of Fundy for a Off Beaten Path Road Trip

We love doing adventurous weird and unique stuff. Tidal Bore rafting is just one of those things... it is a Bay of Fundy specialty. You will get absolutely drenched.

Imagine standing on a sand bank watching the tides roll in as you’re waiting to try tidal bore rafting - you have already got in the boat... but are just waiting for the power of the moon and the water to show itself. Before you know it, you’re lost in the rhythm of the water. But quickly you realize the water is quickly rising... and the tidal water is up to your knees and you race for the boat to as not to go for a full swim without meaning to.

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With a mini motorized raft, you ride the tide - which turns into massive waves. Before you know it you are getting drenched from head to toe (don’t wear anything you don’t want to get wet!). You get a few great hours following the tide, and watching massive waves appear for a few minutes at a time, then disappear and moving further upriver.

Huge Water Rafting in Bay of Fundy Travel Experiences Nova Scotia Canada Adventure Travel

The Bay of Fundy has some of the highest tide changes in the world, with height

changes peaking at around 16 metres (50 feet) high! Tides are controlled by the

ever-changing moon so no two days are the same when it comes to timing or even size

of the waves (However, on average, the tide changes every 6 hours and 13 minutes).

So, it’s best to check the lunar calendar or tidal websites for the best times to go. Along the trips you can also check out eagles and their nests, view amazing geological

formations and more.

But spots fill up quick for this! And you can’t just show up on a whim. Since times differ

each day for the tides, you have to abide by the rules of the moon and the waves, not

the other way around.

There are a number of awesome folks that will take you on this adventure - reach out and we will be happy to share recommendations.

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