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Backcountry Canadian Adventure Trip Destinations & feelings. Road Trip Canada Well!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Canada is one of the largest countries on Earth but nobody lives in it! There’s just lakes, rivers, bays and forests for miles (well… kilometers). If you’ve only been in our cities, you can be excused for believing Canada has people in it, but in the forest, you may go days without seeing another soul. Pristine water to swim in, pure air to breathe, nothing to do but chill and enjoy nature.

Canada Tourism Destination in Algonquin Park where Franklin Carmichael painted Mirror Lake

Algonquin Park and Killarney inspired Canada’s most famous painters (in Canada), the Group of 7. Their paintings are in every Canadian textbook and many galleries. Being inside the forests feels like being inside their paintings, to hike, paddle, cook, swim, to behold wildlife and a night sky of stars like you’ve never seen. Or just gander at Mirror Lake as Franklin Carmichael saw it.

Painting from a Canada Adventure Tour in Algonquin Park. Paintings and Art.

Or step into the Forest as Emily Carr painted it in 1940 - "In the forest think of the forest, not of this tree and that but the singing movement of the whole" as she wrote in her journal in1935.

While serene and beautiful, the woods are no joke. There are tons of ways to die! But experienced guides have the skills to ensure you live, and live well. Really, of course it’s safe! Guides make canoe trip experiences comfortable in all aspects of everyday bush living, and have emergency medical training too.

Camping is not just fun, it’s purifying. Without sounding too hippy, there’s something about simple living that’s cleansing and restorative. Primeval, unplugged. Where you wake up because it’s bright out and feel tired after the sun sets.

Away from pollution and urban cacophony. Honking cars, traffic. Work deadlines. Natural elements instead of city crap. It’s hard to explain how it happens, but the shared experience of being surrounded only by nature makes people form stronger bonds faster. Fast-friends, deep relationships. Stripped of city trappings, hierarchical separations like job titles and countless other indicators of social status, people have nothing to be but themselves.

Adventure vacations Canada to remote lakes and Ontario Algonquin Park. Wildlife Viewing Canada.

The sight of a loon on a still lake as the sun sets, the only ripple on red-orange water like glass, is more poignant than can be described (like the one I saw to the right) . Maybe you’ll see beavers, turtles, a moose, or a friendly bear in the distance.

Even adverse weather like a good ol’ rainstorm later becomes a pleasant, cherished memory. Maybe later, once you’re dry.

You come to appreciate just what civilization is, after you’ve left it. It’s surprisingly hard in our complicated lives to get away from it all, to drop all our technology and responsibilities and live even for a day in the conditions our distant ancestors once did. Cook over a fire. Use your body to get around, by paddling or hiking. Feel how hard it is to be basic. You’ll never forget it. Whether it’s your first or a thousandth time in the bush, you’ll love it.

Come: the woods beckon!

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