• Jared Rover

Canada Road Trip Tips - Timbits? Maps? Cell Coverage? Just a start!

Updated: May 3, 2019

This is from one of our fun road tripping, travel and Canadian goodness newsletters that we share with awesome adventurers. Today we are sharing a few things to know about Canada... and of course doing a road trip here. 

That is where we share (and update you when new content is out) about our favourite topics from how to travel Canada your way (with lots for those on their own), some fave spots along the way, links to great articles, weird facts, tunes and more.

What you gotta know about Canada!

Tim Hortons coffee is an experience - you will see and find out why from folks on our trips. Why are we most known for a donut/coffee shop? We don't know, but maybe because they are everywhere and enjoy bigging up the "Canadian" thing as part of their brand. Timbits are the "holes" of donuts. If you like donuts, you'll like them. Don’t even get us started on “beavertails”.

Book hostels in key cities like Toronto early (really early!). Yep, takes away the spontaneity if you are hosteling, but necessary especially near some of the cities in the summer. Tougher to get to spots can be easier - unless near one of our overly famous national parks.

Use a roadmap (yes real fold-up detailed maps!). They are FREE at tourist info centers for each province. Look for points along the route and random icons - circle them and go. The long way is usually WAY more scenic (e.g., coastal/river drive vs. highway) and the reason to be there - you will get lost!

The country is absolutely massive and can be difficult to travel (... you need wheels). You know this, but we won't stop saying it (and will continue to share more about why!).  A little bit we wrote about travel options.

Oh and cell service cuts out in lots of places, so if you do use your phone for some parts, you have a backup with the maps. This is true, regardless of what the coverage maps say (especially when out East, and using a pre-paid sim rather than a high-end plan... they are much worse, stay tuned for more).

More follows this image of a few of us staring at a scenic view along the road in Nova Scotia! A little bit we wrote about Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) hikes to check out.

There are countless epic spots... that are all different. From huge lakes, quaint towns, forests of all types, sand dunes, 55+ foot tidal changes, turquoise blue water, lakes and rivers all to yourself, bustling cities, cute cities, and lots more.

Get outdoors to our national or provincial parks - we have a lot more than you think (... the country is massive and diverse). And at minimum two that you never heard of! Whether a cabin in the woods, a little ski chalet out of town, quaint cottage or a tent along a river in the middle of nowhere. Choose the home base for you.

Speak to the staff at national parks and local tourist info centers. Many actually know their stuff about the locations and are really unbiased. But push them so that they don’t just send you to the easy popular stuff.

Always have a playlist downloaded. Mobile service… is non-existent along the roads outside of the few big cities. And make sure they included some Canadian classics (stay tuned for a few playlist shares and all the details).

Canadians are funny people - and we all think so after just one beer (note: Classified is great Canadian grimy hip-hop). Spotify link for those interested.

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