Recommended Gear For Traveling Canada

This is a high-level overview of what we would recommend that you bring on road trip adventure with Out Here Travel (spring, summer, fall - not winter). It is meant as a general guide, rather than an itemized list. While we do recommend items like wool socks and some types of items, you can get by with other items, but we believe will be less comfortable. These are very much personal decisions  - and this is just our opinion. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you have.



  • Large backpack (ideally with front opening) or travel case for main gear

  • Day pack for hikes, exploring cities and organize items on the vehicle

  • Water bottle (e.g., Nalgene)

  • Hat & Toque

  • Rain / Weatherproof jacket

  • Sleeping bag (available to rent)

  • Small air mattress or sleeping pad (available to rent)

  • Headlamp (preferred to a flashlight) for evening exploration


  • 1x hiking shoes

  • 1x day shoes / runners that will be comfy exploring cities and small towns

  • 1x flip flops - that can act as shower shoes

  • 1x evening shoes that will also be comfortable for decent walks

  • Note: If you plan to go rafting, which almost everyone does, you will have to wear a pair of closed toed shoes that will get soaking wet. These cannot be crocs.


  • 10X Undies: Bring a bunch so you don’t have to deal with laundry (although available in many locations, takes significant time from activities and day trips)

  • 10X Socks: Bring wool or synthetics (not-cotton)

  • 5X comfortable t-shirts

  • ​2X sweaters / jumpers /  light jackets

  • 2X comfortable pants​​ (e.g., jeans, yoga/city pants)

  • 1X bathing suits

  • 2 outfits that you can "go out in" while in cities


  • Important notes:

    • Generally, all clothing should be lightweight packable that can be layered

    • These should not be cotton.

  • 2X hiking pants​

    • Some use yoga pants

  • 1X long underwear i.e., thermals if in shoulder seasons or just in case

  • 1X sleepwear / PJs

  • 1X sweater and warm jacket


  • Sunglasses

  • Chums (eye/sunglasses strap)

  • Hat

  • Suntan Lotion

  • Eye mask

  • Ear plugs

  • Toiletries

  • Towel

  • Camera

  • Small charging battery

  • Luggage lock

  • Carabiner / clips - to attach items to your pack

  • Mini dry bag - if taking valuables when doing water activities

  • Penaten cream if you are worried about rashes/chafing (after a long hike, this is the best soothing ointment in our opinion)