2021 dates are not scheduled or planned given the pandemic.

Please email us if you are interested should things be possible – or sign-up to our newsletter for the latest updates. 

You're almost out here!


We are excited to have you join us on the road one day. 

By sending payment you are agreeing to Out Here Ltd. Terms & Conditions. 

We have moved to a 14-day cancellation policy to account for the fluid situation – with additional flexibility for you. This includes all people that were already scheduled to join us on a trip in the past before this. 

To reserve your spot, a deposit of $195.00 CAD is required.

Full payment for the trip pass and local payments is required 60 days before departure. If within 60 days of departure we will provide a few days to complete the transaction - so long as there are a few days before trip departure. 


Note: Accommodations costs are currently estimated – travellers will pay for accommodations on arrival rather than before trips. Out Here has cancelled it's TICO registration for a variety of reasons including regulatory complexities.

We are available and required to answer any questions that you might have about any conditions related to the travel experience that we think would affect your purchase decision, the total price of travel services, any requirements or limitations relating to the transfer or cancellation of travel services, availability of trip cancellation and out-of-province health insurance, and other conditions that relate to the transaction.